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RADAR Options Greatly Simplified

Posted on Wed 29 December 2010 in Gear, Navigation, Systems - Electronics

I think I should have be reincarnated as a search engine; I love to look things up. And in that vein I’ve ben doing all kinds of research on RADARs and PC Navigation Software packages and as a slight backup plan by looking into Chartplotters. That was a really …

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Thinking about AIS Integration

Posted on Mon 27 December 2010 in Geek, NMEA 2000, Systems - Electronics

I’m starting to get back into the electronics projects one of which is the AIS solution.

What is AIS you ask?

Non Sailor Elevator Pitch: AIS is a radio based system that large vessels use to transmit information within their local area about who they are, where they are …

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Don Casey Sailboat Electronics Simplified

Posted on Tue 14 December 2010 in Buying Guide, Systems - Electrical

+-----------------------------------+-----------------------------------+ | I refer to Don Casey’s Sailboat | | | Electronics Simplified, every | | | time I have a pair of wire | | | cutters or crimpers in my hand. | | | It’s an awesome reference guide. | | | I have a copy on the boat, one at | | | home and now you can have one on | | | your Kindle, Phone, or …

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First Sail in Forever !

Posted on Mon 13 December 2010 in Destinations - Puget Sound

We left <<The Yard>> and went back in the water on Saturday, back to the slip to tank up with water and then headed out with s/v Palarran to Blake Island. On the trip over there was no wind so we motored and despite a minor engine issue on …

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Relocate, Rebuild and Rebed the Mainsheet winch

Posted on Thu 09 December 2010 in Projects, Systems - Rigging

New winch

In it’s original, more outboard location, a handle in the mainsheet winch could only be rotated about 1/2 way round because it hit the dodger. to grind in the sheet you had to saw back and forth on the handle. I like to get up on the winch …

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Chain Locker Bulkhead Design and Material Issues

Posted on Wed 08 December 2010 in Projects, Systems - Ground Tackle, Systems - Hull

Preparing to make a huge

I’m hemming and hawing a bit on the chain locker bulkhead. I need to make a removable panel that keeps the chain and water out of the v-berth. There probably won’t ever be any substantial amount of water in the chain locker, just the normal mess from brining …

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Wishing for digital updates?

Posted on Mon 06 December 2010 in Gear, Geek, Photography

Are you wishing for better photos and more amazing updates when we go sailing? Well I added a couple of things to our Amazon Wish List that you might want to check out. I’m not really begging you to buy them for us, more of just a way for …

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Dreaming of far away places getting closer

Posted on Mon 06 December 2010 in Destinations, Web Stuff

If you’re dreaming of going to far away places it can be fun to learn about them while you’re still at home. Radio Australia has an excellent daily show called Pacific Beat which covers the news of the island of the S. Pacific which available online and as …

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Awesome retro “sailor” dress

Posted on Mon 29 November 2010 in Geek

This is an awesome dress… I think Dawn needs one.  ;-)

image\ [aisling grace photographed by doralba picerno]

More pics and other awesomeness at Limb Clothing

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Replacing gate valve with proper seacock

Posted on Mon 22 November 2010 in Projects, Systems - Hull, Systems - Plumbing

Gate valve

On the left is a shot of the original thru-hull for my shower sump. It has a bronze thru hull with a gate (common household hose bib) type valve. It is situated above the waterline unless you’re on a port tack then it’s well underwater. I don’t …

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