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Seminar in January from Cruising Consultants

Posted on Fri 31 December 2010 in Classes and Workshops

There is a seminar coming up in January 2010 that those of you who plan to head north might want to check out.

Cruising the Inside Passage on the boat you have now

Greg Filipek, owner of the marine outfitting business Cruising Consultants, will discuss different\ outfitting strategies for boating in the Pacific Northwest. Preparing for a cruise to Desolation\ Sound, The Broughtons, or up the Inside Passage to Alaska and Glacier Bay doesn't have to\ include a 50 foot boat or ten thousand dollars worth of the latest electronics. This seminar\ will give you an in-depth look at the different equipment options for a happy and safe journey,\ regardless of budget or boat size. Topics include pre-trip preparation, equipment options for\ various boats and budgets, and cruising realities for the area. The information you take away\ from this talk will help focus your boat show equipment shopping, answer questions you have\ about an upcoming cruise, and reassure you that this once -in-a-lifetime trip can be a reality for\ you.

Friday January 14\ 6-9 pm West Marine Everett\ Saturday January 15 6-9 pm West Marine Bellevue\ Sunday January 16\ 5-8 pm West Marine Shilshole

\$35 per person/\$50 per couple

For more information and to sign up: http://cruisingconsultants.net/seminars or 425-750-6956