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New ways of getting things done

Posted on Sun 09 January 2011 in Geek

Since I've been laid up in bed, I've been trying to figure out how I'm going to be able to do things at work, let alone the boat with only one hand.  Microsoft Windows seven has built in speech recognition software which I'm using to write this blog post.  It works a lot better than typing with my left hand and where it lacks and speed it makes up for it but properly capitalizing all the sentences and words which is really hard to do typing with one hand.  Microsoft's products, like Internet explorer, windows live writer, etc..  Work really well because they have all of the accessibility hooks built in.  Applications like Google chrome and tweetdeck don't seem to have all of these hooks and you still need to use your mouse to click around which is OK for me since I have my left hand to use as my mouse hand but if you really needed to use voice recognition as your main way of using all functions on the computer you really only could use Microsoft applications.

Any way this was just a test for me to type in a long paragraph, or I guess dictate is the right word.  It works really well and I think over the next two weeks it will be how I type a lot of work.