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Toes must die!!

Posted on Thu 19 April 2012 in Health and Wellness


Yet another toe injury. I had been in the water for a couple hours and my feet were soft, then I managed to slice my toe on the porthole again.

Not serious at all, but it will be annoying since I basically sliced the callous on my big toe and it's now a flap held on with the bandage.

Dr. Rodney is tending to my wounds and she tells me I will make a full recovery.

Acapulco 7.9 Earthquake

Posted on Tue 20 March 2012 in Health and Wellness

Just an FYI before we get inundated with concerned emails...

There was an earthquake in Acapulco this morning and we are not expecting any impact to us in Banderas Bay. There is no tsunami warning associated with this event either.

All is good despite the VERY rolly sleepless night last night. We're waiting for the winds to die down at Punta de Mita and then we're going to silver there an do some surfing. Rolliness is increasing here in Banderas bay so we're also starting to think about heading North and back into the Sea of Cortes as well.

Going to be some delays..

Posted on Fri 07 January 2011 in Health and Wellness

This was not a boating related injury, but Wednesday I broke clavicle in an accident on my scooter. I’m fine other than the collarbone and the completely drugged out non-functional state I’m in. The break is not that severe as these things go, but when the meds wear off it hurts like hell! So for the next two months or so Dawn will be taking the lead on boat projects when she’s not taking care of me; which I lover her for. More to come on all this, I can only type with one hand…