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Carb Cleaning Numero Tres (not Trace)

Posted on Sat 05 May 2012 in Systems - Dinghy


The outboard has been running like poop. It will not run at anything but slightly above idle when in gear. In fact sometimes when you lower the throttle that little bit you were able to get above idle it even goes faster! Out of gear you run the darn thing …

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Cleaning the Carb on your Yamaha F8 Outboard

Posted on Fri 23 March 2012 in Systems - Dinghy

I was going to make a video or shoot some pics of me cleaning the carb on my Yamaha F8 outboard, but this guy’s video about his Mercury is perfect already. Its not a Yamaha, but all the bits looked the same to me and the disassembly was exactly …

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New Outboard Bracket

Posted on Sun 02 August 2009 in Systems - Dinghy

This is a project I’ve been slowly working on, but needed to be completed before out big trip to the San Juans. Out boat came with a fiberglass and starboard outboard bracket that was fine for smaller motors but not our four stroke Yamaha F8.

Router work outboard
bracket I was able to …

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Posted on Wed 08 July 2009 in Systems - Dinghy

We bought an Aquapro Sportsmaster 860 used off of craigslist last summer and we wanted to add an outboard. I thought buying an outboard would be a pretty straight forward thing to do, we had some specific criteria:

  1. 4-Stroke – I don’t want to have to carry 2-stroke oil, deal …

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Update on the Dinghy

Posted on Fri 05 June 2009 in Systems - Dinghy

I was looking around the site and noticed I owed an update on the Dinghy. All of our experience with the dinghy at that point had been inside the break water of the marina, where I couldn’t open the throttle wide open. Well it turns out, that when you …

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Inaugural Dinghy Run

Posted on Sat 09 May 2009 in Systems - Dinghy

Dawn and I got the Yamaha F8 mounted to the Aquapro 860 today and I’m thinking it might be too bigheavy for the 860. When the dinghy is empty, it really site bow-up out of the water. When I’m in the dinghy it doesn’t seem top bad …

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TT Deep Playa

Posted on Thu 19 June 2008 in Systems - Dinghy

imageWe bought a used 2002 Aquapro Sportmaster 860 this week. The baby is almost new condition to my eye. The previous owner is a Boeing Engineer (maybe retired) who only used it one season then stored it in his garage. I know sounds like the classic auto salesman line; a …

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