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TT Deep Playa

Posted on Thu 19 June 2008 in Systems - Dinghy

imageWe bought a used 2002 Aquapro Sportmaster 860 this week. The baby is almost new condition to my eye. The previous owner is a Boeing Engineer (maybe retired) who only used it one season then stored it in his garage. I know sounds like the classic auto salesman line; a little old lady used it once a week to get groceries but now she can no longer afford the gas.

We paid 1/2 what he paid in 2003 and about 1/3 the price they are going for new! Aquapro isn't my preferred brandmodel for taking to the S. Pacific, but for around Puget Sound this will be a great little dinghy. I bought a cover for it (see photo) and I'm looking for an outboard. If you have any recommendations on a <=8hp short shaft 4stroke outboard drop me a note

I'm going to be getting some Citra-Solve and taking a crack at removing the registration info from the dinghy since a) that registration isn't mine and b) tenders don't need to be registered. I'm still working it out with the state how to handle the registration though. I think I need to pay to have the title transferred and that's it, but we'll see.

The dinghy is more than just a way to get around when you're at anchor its your car when you're cruising, its your work platform when you need to do things on the boat at the water level (like remove the name form the stern) and its your fortress of solitude when you and your partner find the confines of the boat a little cramped. ;-) When we leave to go cruising we'll probably have a kayak and a dinghy or a RIB and a folding inflatable dinghy. We'll have to see how that pans out.