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Dinghy Gasoline Fuel Filter: Blame it on the E-E-E-Ethanol

Posted on Mon 13 June 2011 in Fuel, Systems - Dinghy


That is not a new layered drink I’m perfecting. It is a picture of what my newly installed inline fuel filter for the dinghy outboard caught on it’s inaugural run.

Last winter we were bad outboard owners and did not winterize the outboard, nor did we dump the gas into the car. So this winter the outboard wouldn’t run. I took it to the dealer to have the carb cleaned and we dumped the fuel. Roll forward several months, with new fuel (<1 week old) and supposedly clean tank and with clean carbs and after about the first hour of use it was conking out unless you left the choke open or closed the choke and quickly gave it half-throttle. It would not idle in gear.

I checked the inline filter in the engine and it was clean, but it only collects particles, not water. I decided the fuel was bad, but couldn’t prove it, so I got a RACOR 025-RAC-02 filter designed for outboards. Installation is as simple as mounting the housing to the dinghy transom, cutting the fuel hose and securing it with some hose clamps. When I ran it for the first time it clogged with water (that is what is floating on top) and BINGO I confirmed that a) this filter is awesome and b) I really did have a fuel problem!

I poured all the fuel into the car, rinsed the can with more fuel, poured that in the car and then set that can aside to let all the residual gas evaporate (it was sunny that week). We then bought an additional fuel tank because I figured this was not going to be the last time we had to do this. In looking at the new can I think the vent is vastly superior to the old one. The old one is basically a plastic screw you loosen to let air in while running. The new one also is loosened like a screw, but it seems to have an openclosed position, not adjustable and it also appears to have some sort of gasket or pressure closure so it only opens when it needs to. I think the new one will let in lass condensationrainetc. I do think having two fuel cans is a good idea either way.

Of course I later noticed as I walked the dock that one of our neighbors has one too… ah validation.

And with that bit of DIY help, I will leave you some music to go with this week blog title…

There’s no way I wasn’t putting this in here…