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Contact Us Fixed

Posted on Tue 15 March 2011 in Site Changes

I got a note this week saying that the contact us page was broken. Yep, I broket it. It's fixed now.

Finally posted a pic

Posted on Thu 29 October 2009 in Site Changes

It's not a shot of me on the boat, but I finally uploaded a picture taken by my friend Ramez to the About Us page to go along with the cute "wench" shot of Dawn. You can't tell but I'm am wearing my kilt in the picture so I'm also pretty pirate-like in my own way.

On unrelated news, I hurt my rib about 3 weeks ago at hockey and I've been laying pretty low, going to the ND and Accupuncture to quicken the mend. I think I'm getitng back to normal and we should be back in full swing on the refit shortly which means more posts and news to share along the way!

I'm also working on a wiki to go along with the blog. The wiki will replace the "pages" portion of the site and also serve as a place for me to write up documentation about how things work or are configured on Deep Playa. My plan is that I can then print or save the wiki to disk and have a decent manual for the boat.

New Puget Sound Links Page

Posted on Tue 17 February 2009 in Destinations - Puget Sound

I added a new page to the site, which is basically a cut and paste from one of old sites (the three generations of the site old). It has has some useful links but the thing I usually like to check out is the West Point weather information. I can look at that while I'm at work and feel bad that I'm stuck in the office and not out sailing. ;-)

Anyway, here's a direct link:, but you can also just go to and look at the Pages links on the left hand side.

BTW, today its sunny and 12kts of wind, definitely a day I'd rathe not be in the office. This weekend I'm going to be changing filters and fluids so we can start the engine and leave the dock when we fill like it. The sailing is just around the corner!!

Page Updates

Posted on Tue 11 November 2008 in Pearson 424

There are a lot of additions and a  major reorganization to the Pearson Upgrades page. I spent a few hours on this last night. This is one of the pages I keep going back to when I want to figure out how to attack a project on Deep Playa. Its great to have an active group of owners.

I also added some linked to the Pearson Information page for the groups I created on the social networking sites to which I belong:

Web Site Changes

Posted on Fri 07 November 2008 in Geek

I owe you a write up on the plumbing work and wifi systems I’ve been working on at the boat. That will come, but this morning I made a couple of minor changes to the website. I moved the Flickr photos badge up to the top on the right hand side, and added a Twitter badge to the left hand side.

The twitter account is nice because I frequent take pics with the iPhone and send out little updates when I’m down working on the boat. Which currently is pretty much the only camera I have because my Nikon D50 is on the fritz and the battery in my point and shoot optio is also dead. Cameras and I always have had bad luck. Anyway, check the updates by coming to

Deep Playa Twitters

Posted on Tue 26 August 2008 in Site Changes

If you'd like to follow along on Twitter, you can check us out here: @DeepPlaya.

Update 2022: We no longer Twitter