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Web Site Changes

Posted on Fri 07 November 2008 in Geek, Site Changes

I owe you a write up on the plumbing work and wifi systems I’ve been working on at the boat. That will come, but this morning I made a couple of minor changes to the website. I moved the Flickr photos badge up to the top on the right hand side, and added a Twitter badge to the left hand side.

The twitter account is nice because I frequent take pics with the iPhone and send out little updates when I’m down working on the boat. Which currently is pretty much the only camera I have because my Nikon D50 is on the fritz and the battery in my point and shoot optio is also dead. Cameras and I always have had bad luck. Anyway, check the updates by coming to www.DeepPlaya.com or if you want to follow Deep Playa on Twitter or Flickr here are the links:

Image representing Twitter as depicted in


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