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Finally posted a pic

Posted on Thu 29 October 2009 in Site Changes

It's not a shot of me on the boat, but I finally uploaded a picture taken by my friend Ramez to the About Us page to go along with the cute "wench" shot of Dawn. You can't tell but I'm am wearing my kilt in the picture so I'm also pretty pirate-like in my own way.

On unrelated news, I hurt my rib about 3 weeks ago at hockey and I've been laying pretty low, going to the ND and Accupuncture to quicken the mend. I think I'm getitng back to normal and we should be back in full swing on the refit shortly which means more posts and news to share along the way!

I'm also working on a wiki to go along with the blog. The wiki will replace the "pages" portion of the site and also serve as a place for me to write up documentation about how things work or are configured on Deep Playa. My plan is that I can then print or save the wiki to disk and have a decent manual for the boat.