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New Puget Sound Links Page

Posted on Tue 17 February 2009 in Destinations - Puget Sound, Site Changes

I added a new page to the site, which is basically a cut and paste from one of old sites (the three generations of the site old). It has has some useful links but the thing I usually like to check out is the West Point weather information. I can look at that while I'm at work and feel bad that I'm stuck in the office and not out sailing. ;-)

Anyway, here's a direct link: https://www.deepplaya.com/page/Puget-Sound-Sailing-Links.aspx, but you can also just go to www.DeepPlaya.com and look at the Pages links on the left hand side.

BTW, today its sunny and 12kts of wind, definitely a day I'd rathe not be in the office. This weekend I'm going to be changing filters and fluids so we can start the engine and leave the dock when we fill like it. The sailing is just around the corner!!