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Moving the boat

Posted on Thu 12 June 2008 in Destinations - Puget Sound, Moorage

image This weekend we will be moving the boat from Blain to Shilshole Bay Marina as you can see on the map to the left we'll easily sail down I-5... wait no that won't work at all. We'll be on the blue part of the map :-)

We'll be sailing from Blaine …

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We're moving

Posted on Mon 02 June 2008 in Moorage

I just locked up a sublet on D Dock at Shilshole Bay Marina which is right down the street from us as opposed to Blaine Harbor which is 2 hours away. Dawn and I are soo excited about this. It will let us go to the boat after work and …

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Scraping Hull

Posted on Sat 24 May 2008 in Projects

We started today removing the fabric hull lining from the places where there was one. turns out this fabric was also pretty moldy on the backside. (Welcome to the Pacific NW) We're pulling it down and scraping the hull as clean as we can which is turning out to be …

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List of all projects

Posted on Tue 20 May 2008 in Projects

I know this isn’t 100% complete, but I attempted to create a set or categorized links to upgradesrefit projects from all the Pearson 424 owner sites I was aware of. You can see it here: http://www.deepplaya.com/page/Pearson-Upgrades.aspx

The sites I know about are (in …

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Salon table removed

Posted on Sun 18 May 2008 in Projects

Here are our pics of removing the salon table.

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Posted on Sun 18 May 2008 in Projects

Ok, just got back and here's what we accomplished

  • Clean the interior
  • Remove anything we don't like (e.g., lanterns in salon)
  • Remove all paperwork with the old name and bring all paperwork home to be dried and scanned (some of its a little musty)
  • Determine how many locks are …

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First weekend of boat work

Posted on Fri 16 May 2008 in Projects

This weekend we're going to Blaine to spend our first weekend aboard and the first weekend doing projects. To be honest I don't even know if we'll get her off the dock. Here's the stuff I want to do this weekend:

Clean the interior

Remove anything we don't like (e …

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We OWN a Boat

Posted on Tue 13 May 2008 in Boat Buying

Today I signed all the paperwork and we officially own Deep Playa!!

Dawn and I are VERY excited to say the least. Now all the projects can begin. ;-)

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We're Buying a Boat !!

Posted on Thu 08 May 2008 in Boat Buying

Tuesday the selling broker broker brought the boat down to Bellingham so we could do the haul-out and complete the survey. The haul out was pretty amazing, my broker and I rode in boat while they lifted us about 30 feet above the water. I expected to hear a lot …

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What's going on with the boat?

Posted on Fri 02 May 2008 in Boat Buying

I still owe you my detailed notes and thoughts on this process and I'm holding those back for now, but I wanted to let you know what is up with our offer and the boat. Wednesday Dawn, My Broker, My Surveyor and I were in Blaine and taking the boat …

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