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Replacing the tabbing

Posted on Thu 28 August 2008 in Projects, Systems - Hull

One of the things we knew we had to do going into this was to repair some of the tabbing holding up the shelves in the v-berth and one of the settees in the salon. I was a little nervous having never done this myself, but the reality is that the process is really simple. The executive summary of this process is as follows:

  1. Put on a respirator.
  2. Grind away the loose fiberglass and remove any paint in the area you need to attach new glass.
  3. Clean the are well and and then wipe it down with acetone.
  4. Mix up your 2-part epoxy. I bought mine at Fiberlay here in Seattle.
  5. Cut and Dry fit (no epoxy) the piece of fiberglass. You are just getting everything ready.
  6. Brush epoxy onto the hull about 1/2 to 1 inch wider than the glass.
  7. Lay the fiberglass down onto your wet area.
  8. Brush more epoxy onto the fiberglass until it is well saturated the kind I used turned translucent when it was well covered.
  9. Use a laminate roller to remove any area bubbles. Brush on more epoxy where you missed spots.
  10. WAIT for it to harden.

When you reach step 10 you'll have left over epoxy. When this leftover amount starts to finalize its reaction its going to put off a LOT of heat. If its in a plastic container it may melt it. I put on my respirator and stirred it until it was hard and stopped gassing (looks like smoke). This seemed to allow it to cool down faster.

You might need to build up layers depending on the work your doing. Read a more detailed book for specifics on all of that, but its really easy and you can totally handle this job! the book I have is Sailboat Hull and Deck Repairimageby Don Casey.