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New Puget Sound Links Page

Posted on Tue 17 February 2009 in Destinations - Puget Sound, Site Changes

I added a new page to the site, which is basically a cut and paste from one of old sites (the three generations of the site old). It has has some useful links but the thing I usually like to check out is the West Point weather information. I can …

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Update on our schooling

Posted on Tue 10 February 2009 in Classes and Workshops, Seattle Maritime Academy

I mentioned before that Dawn and I are taking a Marine Diesel Class and I’m taking a Marine Electrical class at Seattle Maritime Academy. Well there’s only one more day of the electrical class left and we’re about halfway through the diesel class.

The Electrical class has …

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Toilet Installed

Posted on Wed 10 December 2008 in Interior, Projects, Systems - Composting Toilet, Systems - Plumbing

Here's the new composting toilet bolted down to the new tile floor. Looking very spiffy !!


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Boat Math

Posted on Tue 21 October 2008 in Classes and Workshops, Systems - Rigging

NOTE: I have updated this entry with accurate chainplate beam measurements. 

Here’s some hardcore math as an outcome of my time at the Brion Toss Rigging workshop this past weekend. The point of this exercise is to be able to determine the loads and thus the wire sizes needed …

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Mild Excitement tonight

Posted on Fri 26 September 2008 in Systems - Composting Toilet

You may recall that I've ben removing all the old plumbing for the head and holding tank. Today I decided I'll pull that last 4' of hose off of the thru-hull wich part of the system that would pump the holding tank over board when at sea. Well it turned …

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Renaming Ceremony - Do Over

Posted on Mon 15 September 2008 in s/v Deep Playa

We cancelled last weekends event due to rain so we're going to give a shot this wekeend.

We're having our renaming ceremony this Saturday evening, if your friends or neighbors your welcome to come by. Pics will be coming shortly thereafter.

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Deep Playa Logo

Posted on Tue 29 July 2008 in s/v Deep Playa

This the mock-up from the artist (same company who did my PeaBoy work) of the final design Dawn and I chose for Deep Playa. Final rev, web site update, re-naming ceremony, T-shirts, hats, etc. all to come in the near or distant future.


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Head and Holding Bag Removed

Posted on Sun 13 July 2008 in s/v Deep Playa, Systems - Composting Toilet, Systems - Plumbing

This weekend Dawn and I proved Deep Playa still goes by driving her over to the pump out to empty the holding bag and rinse out the whole toilet system so we could remove it completely as part of installing our Nature's Head composting toilet. Our neighbor Dan was heckling …

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4th of July 2008 Work Party

Posted on Mon 07 July 2008 in Projects

View from

Dawn and I worked on Deep Playa over the long weekend and as part of that I took my first trip up the mast as you can see from the mandatory masthead photo. Here's proof I went all the way up to the tippy top.

Last week a contractor was …

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TT Deep Playa

Posted on Thu 19 June 2008 in Systems - Dinghy

imageWe bought a used 2002 Aquapro Sportmaster 860 this week. The baby is almost new condition to my eye. The previous owner is a Boeing Engineer (maybe retired) who only used it one season then stored it in his garage. I know sounds like the classic auto salesman line; a …

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