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Opening Day (for us)

Posted on Fri 05 June 2009

BlakeIsland-1 We took our first overnight sail of the year to Blake Island with some new friends on Tip Toe and L’Orien last weekend. Our goal was to drop the anchor and sleep aboard. I wanted to see the windlass was working properly, practice our anchoring, etc., etc. The whole thing went smoothly and we had a good time to boot, much drinking, roasting of marshmallows and potlucking and drinking. Sailor Jerry is definitely the drink of choice! I didn’t take that many pictures, but a lot of what I did take didn’t come out very well. I’m getting pickier the more I learn about photography. Check the flickr for more pics. I was completely stoked that the windlass worked flawlessly as well!

While we were over at Blake Island we also took the dinghy ashore and found a geocache, it’s not showing up as logged right now, I just re-logged it. Twitter will get updated as well when we geocache.