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Since we’re not just sailors and currently living on land, I’ve made some tweaks to the site over the past couple of days. Mostly I changed the theme so the main site and my tech\ham W7PEA subsite look the same and are more inline with our personal tastes.Seattle_Night_by_h00n3r[1]

I’ve also been working on the Blogroll to include all my friends blogs. If you’re a friend, send me your link! I want to keep up with you, work, personal, family, whatever you got. I love to keep up even when we can’t be together.

More and bigger changes coming down the road, but this is a nice start.

Survey Results: Favorite Beer, Wine or Whisky Establishment

Since its been a few years since we lived in Seattle I surveyed my friends about their favorite places and things in the city. This is my favorite question we asked and it was the most interesting to me. Witness had 4 votes and I’ve never heard of it. There was a greater diversity of locations around the city, which I think proves my friends will go great distance for good drinks!

What’s your favorite beer, wine or whisky spot?

The others in alphabetical order:

Survey Results: Seattle Tourist Attractions

Since its been a few years since we lived in Seattle I surveyed my friends about their favorite places and things in the city.

What is your must see tourist site?

Fremont (3)
Fremont and things in Fremont were a clear cut winner, which is funny because I don’t think any of my friends live in Fremont.

Fremont | | “Wandering around Fremont”
The Troll |
Theo Chocolate Tour |

Underground Tour (2)
A close second was the Underground Tour and apparently they now also have an “adult” version of the tour for the 21+ crowd. When I knew I was moving to Seattle from NJ in Junior High, I did a book report on the Underground Tour. Its a little odd now that I think about it, but there was a narrow and thin book on the Tour in my Middle School library in Mt. Laurel, NJ. I recommend the tour as well.

The Underground Tour |
The Underground Underworld Tour | | [21+]

Two people suggested complete itineraries:
Ferry to Bainbridge, ice cream at Mora, ferry back downtown timed for sunset. Best in summertime obviously.
While your there also go to Bloedel Reserve from the others list.

Bike to West Seattle, eat all the things, water taxi back across at night
Plan your Bike Route:
Water Taxi Information:

The others in Alphabetical Order:

Survey Results: Every Day Restaurants

Since its been a few years since we lived in Seattle I surveyed my friends about their favorite places and things in the city.

What is your favorite everyday restaurant?

The top vote getters:

Nishino was on this list as well as the Special Ocassion list. Someone in our friend group has good every-day taste.

The others in alphabetical order:

Survey Results: Special Occasion Restaurant

Since its been a few years since we lived in Seattle I surveyed my friends about their favorite places and things in the city. Our first question:

What is your favorite special occasion restaurant?

Revel was most frequently suggestedalong with Crush, Canlis and Poppy and the rest are in Alphabetical order.

Playing Tourist in Honolulu

We’re trying to do a better job taking in the sites around Oahu. Last weekend we went to the Pacific Aviation Museum and this weekend we went to Shangr-La, Doris Duke’s home and now Islamic Art Museum.

We have done a lot of site seeing and tours in our journeys and we are now 100% convinced if there is a guided tour, pay the extra and do that. We’ve have never once had a bad experience. The Pacific Aviation Museum has such a docent lead tour and it was great. I think it was $10 extra, but worth ever penny. We also got a Kama’aina discount by showing our Rainbow ID Card (HI Driver’s license). We didn’t quite work the deal right though as we could have got one ticket for Kama’aina AND buy one get one free. Gotta figure that one out when we go back for the other exhibits at Pearl Harbor.

Shangri La was once Doris Duke’s private residence, but it was also designed to be what it is now a Museum to Islamic Art. The building and the grounds are absolutely beautiful. You’re  not allowed to take photos inside, but this panorama of the view to the ocean gives you a taste. This is a must see if you make it to Honolulu.

America’s Cup 34


America's Cup 34

Dawn and I were at home in Honolulu watching the America’s Cup on YouTube on the day they tied the race up forcing a final deciding race. We booked a last minute flight to San Francisco to watch the race and were not disappointed! Team USA Oracle won the race, retaining the cup in one of the most exciting come from behind wins in sporting history.

The event was excellently staged and watching from the shoreline with the TV monitors and live audio coverage was perfect! These boats are going so fast it is amazing. In our America’s Cup Flickr set there are couple of videos that give you sense of how fast they really are. After the race we walked down to Pier 39 to see the trophy ceremony. You can see how close we able to get to the cup!

To top it all off, we just happen to also have friends from Seattle in town in SF at the same time! So, we had a mini reunion with great friends which wasn’t even planned! Yay Universe!

Great weekend. Great Race. Great Friends.

  • Super Bowl – Check
  • America’s Cup – Check
  • Pipeline Masters is looking like the next epic sporting event to check out!!