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French Polynesian Cruising Association

Posted on Tue 07 September 2010 in Destinations - French Polynesia

I don’t’ know a ton about this group. I’ve been following their blog which is updated infrequently. But, I wanted to share the link, because for those of you planning to head to French Polynesia, I think it could be a good resource!


Association des Voiliers en Polynésie …

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Starboard! The Movie

Posted on Fri 27 August 2010 in Geek, Photography

From the creative genius of Tawn and CB of s/v Palarran.

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DeepPC Update–Investigating Shuttle PC X50 V2 All-In-One suitability

Posted on Fri 20 August 2010 in Geek, Systems - Electronics

imageI read A LOT of news sites a lot of them technology related and via that I stumbled on the Shuttle PC X50 V2 All-In-One which recently came out. This is an Intel D510 Dual Core which is the next generation ATOM processors used in all those low power netbooks …

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Installing Maretron NMEA 2000 connector on bulk Maretron Mid (Blue) Cable

Posted on Tue 10 August 2010 in Geek, Maretron, NMEA 2000, Systems - Electronics

Here’s a quick step by step on how to use the Maretron field installable connectors. These are useful when you want to run a wire in a mast or through the deck and you don’t want to use a bulkhead fitting but you’d rather use something like …

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RIP: Signet System 4000

Posted on Sat 07 August 2010 in Systems - Electronics


Here’s a shot of the Signet System 4000 instruments package which I finally removed. I can’t find anything out about this on the internet. The big black box was mounted on the electrical panel, the remaining hole is approximately 12”x8”! Did I mention the “display” feature on …

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Maretron NMEA 2000 Network and Instruments Installations

Posted on Fri 06 August 2010 in Maretron, NMEA 2000, Projects, Systems - Electronics


There’s a shot of my Maretron DSM250 (in red on block mode) displaying data from my NMEA 200 network I finished roughing in last night (or I guess this morning) about 0200. I’m calling it a rough-in because I still need to go back and secure all the …

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Dawn up the mast

Posted on Tue 03 August 2010 in Destinations - Shilshole Bay Marina, Projects, Systems - Rigging

Here’s a shot of Dawn at the masthead installing the stop on the sail track as the sun sets at Shilshole Bay Marina. You can see a close-up here.


I would have installed it when the mast was in the yard, but it was missing for awhile. Now it …

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NMEA 2000 wiring planning

Posted on Sat 31 July 2010 in Projects, Systems - Electrical, Systems - Electronics

Maretron Micro Network
DiagramI’ve mostly been working on the rigging lately, but tonight I’m thinking about the NEMA 2000 powertap installation. The Maretron powertap looks like a normal NMEA 2000 T but it has MIDMicro cord coming out of T which you wire up to the DC power system in your …

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MOHAI Minute: Ballard Firehouse

Posted on Mon 12 July 2010 in Destinations - Puget Sound

More local stories about Ballard

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Scout Report–> The United States Lighthouse Society

Posted on Fri 09 July 2010 in Lighthouse, Photography

This comes via my inbox to you from the Scout Report

American Lighthouse Winner Photo of Coquille River, OR By Eric
AndersonThe United States Lighthouse Society


Twenty-five years strong, and with an interest in lighthouses throughout the world, the United States Lighthouse Society (USLHS) has a website that informs the public about restoration projects …

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