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Liferaft Acquired: Revere Offshore Elite

Posted on Fri 01 October 2010 in Systems - Safety



You may recall my liferaft feature comparison spreadsheet I posted a few days ago. That little research project helped narrow my focus on a really open ended problem which makes it much more manageable for me to deal with.

After that I setup an EBay search and an RSS subscription on Craigslist for liferafts. It took about 2 days for a 6 person Revere Offshore Elite in a valise to pop-up on my RADAR.

The raft was purchased in February of this year (verified via the SN with Revere directly) and we got a deal I’m very happy with. I was originally only targeting 4 person liferafts because I didn’t think Dawn could lift and deploy a 6 person, however the Revere Offshore Elites weigh less than other rafts at the same capacity rating and that allowed us to take advantage of this deal and get a slightly larger raft in the process.

I’m happy to have another thing checked off the list and hoping to never have to use this.