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Maretron DSM250 Display Standby Mode Workaround

Posted on Tue 12 October 2010 in Systems - Electronics

After the first night of trying to sleep in the same cabin with the DSM 250 on “low” backlight lead to me turn it off at nights. But this isn’t so good because then the buffer of data is uses to charts graphs is lost.

Turns out you can do this, sort of. The Brightness button (the one that looks like a sun) and the three levels it cycles through are configurable. From any display screen press along:

  1. Enter (to get into the config menus)
  2. Select “Display Settings” and hit Enter.
  3. Select “Backlight” and hit Enter\ At this point you’ll see settings for Low, Medium and High.
  4. Change Low to 0% by selecting that line and hitting Enter.\ Then hit the down arrow till the value is Zero and hit Enter again.
  5. Hit Back until your back at a standard instrument screen.

From here tap the Brightness button.

One of your clicks should turn the screen off completely. It’s probably not off completely in the electrical sense, but it certainly is on low and it’s not emitting light so you can sleep soundly or just have the display be less intrusive.


I forgot to mention. While the display is dimmed to 0%, the DSM250 is still capturing data which means all the trend charts you want to see (like barometric pressure) will have historical data, instead of being blank like they would be if turned the display completely off.

A great workaround!