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First Trip of the Year

Posted on Fri 20 May 2011 in Destinations - Poulsbo, WA, Living Aboard

I’m writing you from the comfort of the nav station while securely anchored in LIberty Bay just off the shore of Poulsbo, WA. What a great night of sailing and seeing all of our hard work actually working! We took a little detour into Port Madison (hey where’s …

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Spectra Capehorn Extreme Mounting Location

Posted on Wed 18 May 2011 in Systems - Plumbing, Systems - Watermaker

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="180" caption="Capehorn Spectra Extreme Mounting Location"]Capehorn Spectra Extreme Mounting

Last night after about 2.5 hours in the sewer I finished mounting the Spectra Capehorn Extreme membrane and clark pump unit. The unit is mounted on a piece of 3/4" marine grade plywood with 1 …

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Wilderness First Aid Class by @remotemedical

Posted on Sun 15 May 2011 in Classes and Workshops, Medical

This weekend Dawn and I took a Wilderness First Aid Class from Remote Medical International (web) (Facebook) (Twitter). The class is oriented towards “wilderness “ which is defined as anywhere more than 1 hour from medical care and the examples in the class were specifically focused on hiking and camping scenarios …

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We are Liveaboards

Posted on Tue 10 May 2011 in Landlubber life, Living Aboard, Shutting Down Land LIfe

Dawn and I have been selling off, donating, gifting and throwing out everything at the condo which won’t go with us to the boat. For the past week we’ve had no place to sit Dawn's new
Officebut the floor and after tonight we will no longer have a bed. So …

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Spectra Capehorn Extreme Unboxing Video

Posted on Thu 05 May 2011 in Systems - Plumbing, Systems - Watermaker

Around the time of the Seattle Boat Show I announced we purchased a Spectra Capehorn Extreme. Since I had just broken my clavicle though, we delayed delivery for several months. Now it’s here and you can watch the unboxing video in all it’s glory!

I’m actually cruising …

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Preparing to Move Aboard–Getting Rid of the Stuff

Posted on Mon 02 May 2011 in Landlubber life, Living Aboard, Shutting Down Land LIfe

Dawn and I held a Yard Sale this weekend to get rid of the stuff we’ve accumulated since we sold the house and moved into the condo bout 7 years (?? – Dawn knows) ago as well as stuff we’ve had forever but just doesn’t make sense to take …

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New Nav Station Bench and Desk Completed

Posted on Sat 16 April 2011 in Interior, Nav Station, Projects

New Nav Station Bench and
DeskI am very pleased to show off the new nav station bench and and desk. This replaces the cooler and board I’ve been using for years. You can see more pics of the pieces coming together on flickr.

The 1/2” cabinet grade teak has all been finished with …

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Boat US Smartphone App

Posted on Fri 15 April 2011 in Geek, Review

Boat US has launched an iPhone and Android app for sending out your position, contacting Vessel Assist for a tow and browsing the Boat US directory. Panbo has a good write-up on the Vessel Assist part.

When you start the app you’re required to fill in all the settings …

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Iphone Wordpress App Test is a Success!!

Posted on Tue 05 April 2011 in Geek, Web Stuff

OK, that last test post from my phone is kinda cool. The wordpress iPhone app was VERY buggy for awhile and completely useless. They claimed to have fixed the bugs so I downloaded the update and now  it seems to be working!!

Cool thing about that is I can write …

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iPhone test

Posted on Tue 05 April 2011 in Web Stuff

testing wordpress from my iPhone including location

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