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First Trip of the Year

Posted on Fri 20 May 2011

I’m writing you from the comfort of the nav station while securely anchored in LIberty Bay just off the shore of Poulsbo, WA. What a great night of sailing and seeing all of our hard work actually working! We took a little detour into Port Madison (hey where’s the Bridge??) and so we ended up arriving after dark, but not to fear. We were able to set the hook with the new windlass and chain locker configuration. We flipped on the foredeck light so Dawn could see me while I worked the windlass and she drove the boat. That was awesome because we could still use our hand signals for anchoring instead of having to shout.

But on the way over it was pure bliss to raise the sails and shut off the engine! We were doing well over 6 Kts in 18Kts of breeze as we crossed the sound, absolute JOY.

Right now I’m mooching someone's wifi ashore and the wifi antenna and Ubiquiti bullet are working pretty well for free internet! We still have a lot of thing we want to do, but man is it nice to get out and enjoy some of the fruits of our labor.

Tomorrow we’ll be joined by Danika, Palarran, Andante, and Defiant. We’re all going ashore to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie at 10pm, but all day tomorrow it’s Viking Fest in Poulsbo and we’re definitely going to go ashore and plunder some savages!

Goodnight and pleasant dreams !