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Plumbing - Check it Off

Posted on Sat 06 December 2008 in Projects, Systems - Plumbing

imageAs I told my neighbor at the Marina, “We can check something off the list… and add 12 more things to it!” The plumbing project is now complete!!

We started this project because were unhappy with the quality of the water which had a but of a smell to it …

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Golden Gardens Drive to Re-Open in a Month

Posted on Thu 13 November 2008 in Destinations - Shilshole Bay Marina

According to the SDOT and MyBallard we’re about a month away from being able to make that straight shot from Shilshole up to 85th Ave NW. That will make my frequent runs to Home Depot so much easier and I love to ride the scoot up that windy hill …

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Page Updates

Posted on Tue 11 November 2008 in Pearson 424, Projects, Site Changes

There are a lot of additions and a  major reorganization to the Pearson Upgrades page. I spent a few hours on this last night. This is one of the pages I keep going back to when I want to figure out how to attack a project on Deep Playa. Its …

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Web Site Changes

Posted on Fri 07 November 2008 in Geek, Site Changes

I owe you a write up on the plumbing work and wifi systems I’ve been working on at the boat. That will come, but this morning I made a couple of minor changes to the website. I moved the Flickr photos badge up to the top on the right …

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Boat Math

Posted on Tue 21 October 2008 in Classes and Workshops, Systems - Rigging

NOTE: I have updated this entry with accurate chainplate beam measurements. 

Here’s some hardcore math as an outcome of my time at the Brion Toss Rigging workshop this past weekend. The point of this exercise is to be able to determine the loads and thus the wire sizes needed …

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Brion Toss Rigging Class Photos

Posted on Mon 20 October 2008 in Classes and Workshops

imageMy real camera is busted and the backup point and shoot had a dead battery so I took very few photos with my phone. You can check them out with descriptions on Flickr.

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Brion Toss Rigging Workshop

Posted on Sat 18 October 2008 in Classes and Workshops, Destinations - Port Townsend, Systems - Rigging

imageI am in Port Townsend this weekend attending the Brion Toss Rigging Workshop. At the end of day one, its been very worthwhile thus far. The basic flow of the class thus far has been to walk through the systems of a rig, explain what they are, how to think …

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Boat Renaming Complete

Posted on Wed 01 October 2008 in s/v Deep Playa

IMGP4034  I want to thank everyone who came down to the boat Saturday and helped Dawn and I with the renaming ceremony (pics on Flickr). Dawn and I have been a long time coming to this point in our lives where we could actually have the boat and call her by …

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Mild Excitement tonight

Posted on Fri 26 September 2008 in Systems - Composting Toilet

You may recall that I've ben removing all the old plumbing for the head and holding tank. Today I decided I'll pull that last 4' of hose off of the thru-hull wich part of the system that would pump the holding tank over board when at sea. Well it turned …

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Renaming Ceremony - Do Over

Posted on Mon 15 September 2008 in s/v Deep Playa

We cancelled last weekends event due to rain so we're going to give a shot this wekeend.

We're having our renaming ceremony this Saturday evening, if your friends or neighbors your welcome to come by. Pics will be coming shortly thereafter.

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