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It’s all about the angles

Posted on Mon 05 April 2010 in Projects, Systems - Electrical

Since I wrote the last post I was thinking about how to pull those damn wires. I was able to pull one of the wires tonight. I used the messenger line to pull the wire to the exit in the conduit and then I used a second messenger line that …

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Setbacks and Problems

Posted on Mon 05 April 2010 in Projects, s/v Deep Playa, Systems - Electrical, Systems - Electronics, Systems - Hull

This week was full of unexpected issues and problems and very little movement forward on projects.

It started out when we noticed the some leaking with our newly installed portlights, which is fine really, a bit of tweaking was expected. However the leak got into the new wood (which was …

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Armchair Sailor Book Sale and Trade-In Special

Posted on Wed 31 March 2010 in Gear, Navigation, Review


Armchair Sailor is offering trade-ins and discounts on books. They’re a great local company here in Seattle and super nice people. (Hi Cass!) Go spend your money with them!

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New Fisheries Supply Site Coming Soon !

Posted on Sun 28 March 2010 in Destinations - Puget Sound, Geek

Continually rumored to be “2 weeks away” for about a year, Fisheries Supply’s new website is now officially acknowledged to be “coming soon”. I personally can’t wait, having accurate inventory and being able to see your purchase history online will be awesome!


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We moved…

Posted on Mon 22 March 2010 in Destinations - Shilshole Bay Marina

For the past year we’ve been on D-Dock and made some awesome friends. But getting our boat in and out of the slip was a bit of challenge at times so we moved to the north side of J-Dock where the fairway is 115’ wide compared to the 74 …

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Portlights and Rigging

Posted on Fri 19 March 2010 in Projects

Since our wedding we’ve not slowed down a bit on our refit. Today the yard completed installing the wiring conduit in both masts, re-attaching the mail sail track and the new solent tang. Next steps are all on us to pull wire through the conduits, install all the new …

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We’re busy…

Posted on Wed 03 March 2010 in Landlubber life

Sorry I’ve not posted anything in a while. We’ve been busy tending to other matters.


More on the boat later in the week.

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Installing Tank Inspection Ports

Posted on Mon 22 February 2010 in Systems - Plumbing

I wrote about cleaning the tanks before, here’s a great shot that sums up installing the Seabuilt inspection port. Using the rubber gasket you pick your spot, find the center and mark all the bolt holes. Then you cut a hole in the tank and drill out all the …

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New Portlights

Posted on Mon 22 February 2010 in Destinations - Port Townsend, Interior, Projects, Systems - Hull

When we bought our Pearson 424, we knew right off the bat we had to replace the portlights and the teak eyebrow trim along the outsides of the cabin top. The existing portlights were old and leaked causing the interior teak veneer to delaminate, no structural issues. The plastic windows …

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Cleaning the Tanks

Posted on Tue 16 February 2010 in Projects, Systems - Plumbing

The fresh water system was less that sterile when we bought the boat and we've done a lot of work to raise our water quality. I’ve already talked about replacing all of the plumbing hoses throughout the boat, new faucets, shower, installing a system wide water filter, etc. The …

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