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A little progress always feels good

Posted on Mon 12 April 2010 in Projects, Systems - Electrical, Systems - Galley, Systems - Rigging

This weekend the weather was nice and we actually made some progress.

Boat side, Dawn check off some good items:

  • Starboard water tank scrubbed, by hand, through those 4”-6” access ports. No she is not available to help on your boat !
  • Finished painting the hull areas under the chainplates
  • Sealed the deck core where the chainplates  go through the hull
  • Started sanding the chainplate cover plates

WHEW ! Dawn is awesome!!! All of this is in preparation for installing the chainplates which will be weather dependent, but something I hope we can do next weekend.

At the yard, I was able to make progress on the mast wiring:

  • Finished mounting the foredecksteaming light
  • Finished mounting all of the tangs on the masts
  • On the spreaders:

The general wiring strategy has also made a bit of progress. The spreader lights are going to be fed from a single in-mast feed line. The wires in the spreader will be soldered to the feedline, shrink wrapped and supported by a linewire (TBD) that will span the connection. This will put the weight bearing back to the wire and not the soldered connection. The lights will be connected to the line inside the spreader with a disconnect so if the spreader ever needs to be removed it can be done without cutting the wires. *gasp*

At the masthead I’m pretty much ready to start wiring up the masthead light and the VHF. I only need some grommets to protect the wires where they exit the mast. I’m still not happy with how I’m planning to mount the Maretron WSO100 Weather Stationimage which is so massive I’m actually thinking I’d be better off returning that and going with the Airmar PB200 which is not wide but is taller. The problem I’m having is how to mount this without adding 20lbs of stainless to the masthead and not blocking the nav light significantly.

So, while we still have a lot of portlight rebedding in our future this weekend we made some great progress… feels good!