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Follow Us !

Posted on Wed 16 February 2011 in Geek, Web Stuff

imageAs I've been working on the website I've been able to add some new links to bring all the services we use together. The Follow Us! badge on the home page of  DeepPlaya.com connects you with all our public profiles. For those of you not so familiar with all …

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Stuff For Sale

Posted on Wed 16 February 2011 in Uncategorized

I posted a few Craig's List ads today for some items that have been laying around far too long.

  • Salon table from a Pearson 424
  • 200 feet of rusted chain rode
  • Furuno 1730 RADAR and Display
  • Alpenglow CFL & Red LED Overhead Lights

Feel free to contact me through the blog …

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Living with PDFs

Posted on Thu 10 February 2011 in Geek, Vessel Documentation, Web Stuff

Since I decided an electronic copy of every paper thing on the boat, that means living with PDFs. I’ve also managed to get all of the agents I deal with (CPA, insurance, etc.) to adapt to using online means of communicating instead of face to face or snail mail …

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Adding Mapping to the site

Posted on Wed 09 February 2011 in Uncategorized

Ever since I first setup the site for the boat I knew I wanted to tag everything with locations so we could see all the posts as we journey around. A blog for a sailboat pretty much begs for that. One of the main reasons to switch to Wordpress was …

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One more little thing to finish the electronics

Posted on Tue 08 February 2011 in Maretron, NMEA 2000, Systems - Electronics


This is a Maretron FA-CF-90, it is a field installable right angle connector and it's what I need to finish the install of Maretron DSM250 the instrument display in my cockpit completing all the critical electronics systems.

NMEA 2000 connectors are keyed, which means when you're mating this right angle …

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Progress on the v-berth

Posted on Mon 07 February 2011 in Interior, Projects, Systems - Hull

While my clavicle has been healing Dawn has been busy as monkey working to convert the shelves along the port and starboard sides of the v-berth into cabinets. Along with that she's also been working on turning that v-berth seat that a lot of boats have into a cabinet as …

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Finally...a cool Android app...

Posted on Wed 02 February 2011 in Geek, Navigation

Panbo has a pointer to an android App that shows tidal currents... it looks pretty good.

Finally...a cool Android app....

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New Site and New Feed URL for DeepPlaya.com

Posted on Wed 02 February 2011 in Geek, Web Stuff

I migrated the web site to run on Wordpress. In the long run this will be easier to maintain and customize.

Be sure and come by the home page and take a look. You will also want to update your news feed URLs.


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Dr. LED Under-Cabinet LED Light

Posted on Sun 30 January 2011 in Boat Shows, Systems - Electrical

While at the Seattle Boat Show Dr. LED was showing some new under-cabinet LED lights. They have two models, one with white high & low and one with white & red LEDs. I bought one of the later and with the help of Dawn (since I only have one usable arm) we …

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Other Deals at the Boat Show

Posted on Mon 24 January 2011 in Boat Shows

A lot of folks go to the boat shows to buy whole boats or large systems like water makers from the local rep or direct from the manufacturer. They might also see lots of smaller items there on the floor to buy and take immediately home from chandleries like West …

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