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Watermakers–Ya gotta have Faith…

Posted on Sun 23 January 2011 in Boat Shows, Buying Guide, Systems - Plumbing, Systems - Watermaker

I’m deep into my research about water makers, having met with Spectra, Hydrovane, and Village Marine yesterday at the Seattle Boat Show. I’ve also had extensive conversations with CruiseRO. You can see all the makesmodels and specifications of the units I’ve been looking at in my Watermaker …

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The Seattle Boat Show 2011

Posted on Thu 20 January 2011 in Boat Shows

The Seattle Boat Show starts tomorrow and due to my one-armed-ness, I’m not going to be able to put together my spreadsheet of the seminars. We will probably spend little time in those sessions this year, I haven’t even looked at it.

We are trying to personally fire …

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Going to be some delays..

Posted on Fri 07 January 2011 in Health and Wellness, Medical

This was not a boating related injury, but Wednesday I broke clavicle in an accident on my scooter. I’m fine other than the collarbone and the completely drugged out non-functional state I’m in. The break is not that severe as these things go, but when the meds wear …

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We did a lot this holiday season

Posted on Mon 03 January 2011 in Projects

We make lists and we check them thrice and then we check them thrice more and then we check ‘em off and drink! You can expect more to come on most of these, I just wanted to make a big list and check it thrice!  ;-)

  • Finished lining the foot locker …

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Seminar in January from Cruising Consultants

Posted on Fri 31 December 2010 in Classes and Workshops

There is a seminar coming up in January 2010 that those of you who plan to head north might want to check out.

Cruising the Inside Passage on the boat you have now

Greg Filipek, owner of the marine outfitting business Cruising Consultants, will discuss different\ outfitting strategies for boating …

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Seattle Fabrics – WOW !

Posted on Thu 30 December 2010 in Destinations - Puget Sound

imageNow that we have a Sailrite, Dawn and I finally paid a visit to Seattle Fabrics to check out the place. Wow, they have everything! Not only do they have a ton of Sunbrella and other outdoor fabrics, but they also have a ton of snaps, buckles, and other accessories …

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RADAR Options Greatly Simplified

Posted on Wed 29 December 2010 in Gear, Navigation, Systems - Electronics

I think I should have be reincarnated as a search engine; I love to look things up. And in that vein I’ve ben doing all kinds of research on RADARs and PC Navigation Software packages and as a slight backup plan by looking into Chartplotters. That was a really …

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Thinking about AIS Integration

Posted on Mon 27 December 2010 in Geek, NMEA 2000, Systems - Electronics

I’m starting to get back into the electronics projects one of which is the AIS solution.

What is AIS you ask?

Non Sailor Elevator Pitch: AIS is a radio based system that large vessels use to transmit information within their local area about who they are, where they are …

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Don Casey Sailboat Electronics Simplified

Posted on Tue 14 December 2010 in Buying Guide, Systems - Electrical

+-----------------------------------+-----------------------------------+ | I refer to Don Casey’s Sailboat | | | Electronics Simplified, every | | | time I have a pair of wire | | | cutters or crimpers in my hand. | | | It’s an awesome reference guide. | | | I have a copy on the boat, one at | | | home and now you can have one on | | | your Kindle, Phone, or …

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First Sail in Forever !

Posted on Mon 13 December 2010 in Destinations - Puget Sound

We left <<The Yard>> and went back in the water on Saturday, back to the slip to tank up with water and then headed out with s/v Palarran to Blake Island. On the trip over there was no wind so we motored and despite a minor engine issue on …

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