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We did a lot this holiday season

Posted on Mon 03 January 2011 in Projects

We make lists and we check them thrice and then we check them thrice more and then we check ‘em off and drink! You can expect more to come on most of these, I just wanted to make a big list and check it thrice!  ;-)

  • Finished lining the foot locker …

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Day two .. Bring on the to do !

Posted on Sun 04 July 2010 in Projects

When it comes to list it’s important to remember that length doesn’t matter as much as the magnitude of the accomplishment. Here are today’s magnum sized check marks:

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The date is set for re-stepping the masts ! ! !

Posted on Thu 17 June 2010 in Projects

I called the yard and set the date for re-stepping the masts ! By this time next week we should have the rig back up !

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Portlights and Rigging

Posted on Fri 19 March 2010 in Projects

Since our wedding we’ve not slowed down a bit on our refit. Today the yard completed installing the wiring conduit in both masts, re-attaching the mail sail track and the new solent tang. Next steps are all on us to pull wire through the conduits, install all the new …

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Quick list of successes

Posted on Sun 24 January 2010 in Projects

We’ve been working pretty hard this weekend and got through the following list of things:

  • The new prop shaft from The Prop Shop, Ltd is installed !! It’s very shiny. The prop has been dry fit and hand tightened I need a couple of 12” wrenches to tighten it …

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Evolution of a Porthole

Posted on Wed 09 December 2009 in Projects


Porthole Water



Almost Done


This is actually a shot of the dry-fit, but they look the same. The headliner is still down and the white you see around the portholes is just the primer. We do plan to paint them white though along with the headliner.

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Lots of things accomplished

Posted on Sun 02 August 2009 in Projects

We’re planning to head to Poulsbo next week for the Lats N Atts party and then to the San Juans, all in all it will be about 10 days on the water, but before we could do that I wanted to check a bunch of things off the list …

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4th of July 2008 Work Party

Posted on Mon 07 July 2008 in Projects

View from

Dawn and I worked on Deep Playa over the long weekend and as part of that I took my first trip up the mast as you can see from the mandatory masthead photo. Here's proof I went all the way up to the tippy top.

Last week a contractor was …

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Scraping Hull

Posted on Sat 24 May 2008 in Projects

We started today removing the fabric hull lining from the places where there was one. turns out this fabric was also pretty moldy on the backside. (Welcome to the Pacific NW) We're pulling it down and scraping the hull as clean as we can which is turning out to be …

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List of all projects

Posted on Tue 20 May 2008 in Projects

I know this isn’t 100% complete, but I attempted to create a set or categorized links to upgradesrefit projects from all the Pearson 424 owner sites I was aware of. You can see it here: https://www.deepplaya.com/page/Pearson-Upgrades.aspx

The sites I know about are (in …

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