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Deep Playa Land Yacht Division

Posted on Mon 09 July 2012 in Road Trip

Hey all, if you want to know more about the motorhome, the great US roadtrip of 2012 or any of that kind of stuff, I setup a separate blog for that.

All of the posts will some day get posted to the Deep Playa Facebook page and sent out as tweets @DeepPlaya.

UPDATE 2022: We don't do the Face or the Tweet any longer.

So for now, this will be last of the Land Yacht talk on this blog.

iPhone test

Posted on Tue 09 August 2011 in Web Stuff

Today's test is to see if the iPhone posting with location is still working

Iphone Wordpress App Test is a Success!!

Posted on Tue 05 April 2011 in Geek

OK, that last test post from my phone is kinda cool. The wordpress iPhone app was VERY buggy for awhile and completely useless. They claimed to have fixed the bugs so I downloaded the update and now it seems to be working!!

Cool thing about that is I can write updates and post while we're out sailing and include the location which will show up in the post and on the map of the blog. In the long run, I am hoping that map will look cool and show all the places we go.

NOTE: I set the location for this post manually in the Wordpress post editor so you can see the map action. (Map Action seems to be devoid of action right now... tying to figure that out... there are a lot of moving parts making this work or in this case not work)

iPhone test

Posted on Tue 05 April 2011 in Web Stuff

testing wordpress from my iPhone including location

Contact Us Fixed

Posted on Tue 15 March 2011 in Site Changes

I got a note this week saying that the contact us page was broken. Yep, I broket it. It's fixed now.

Follow Us !

Posted on Wed 16 February 2011 in Geek


As I've been working on the website I've been able to add some new links to bring all the services we use together. The Follow Us! badge on the home page of connects you with all our public profiles. For those of you not so familiar with all this internet mojo her'es what those icons mean from left to right top to bottom:

Our Facebook Page, Flickr, You Tube, FourSquare\ ShipTrak (which is how we report our position over SSB), Crusiers Forum

UPDATE 2022: We no longer use Facebook or Twitter or Foursquare (later Swarm). We still do use Flickr.

Living with PDFs

Posted on Thu 10 February 2011 in Geek

Since I decided an electronic copy of every paper thing on the boat, that means living with PDFs. I’ve also managed to get all of the agents I deal with (CPA, insurance, etc.) to adapt to using online means of communicating instead of face to face or snail mail. The ones who still insist on mailing me things I send to Earth Class Mail and have the documents scanned that way. This means I end up with  a lot of forms to fill out in PDF form.

I had been using a different tool, but today I found a great free tool that lets you fill out PDFs (even if they are not special “PDF form” format). It’s called NitroPDF Reader (@Nitropdf). It also let’s you scan in an image of your signature so you can edit the PDF, sign it and save it. The signature can be password protected as well. Very nice!

Another cool feature of NitroPDF Reader is that you can save PDFs directly to Evernote which is where I do most of my documentation of boat systems. I have a premium account and that let’s me sync (aka backup) to the web as well which lets me see notes from everywhere I can get web access or use my smartphones.

Great tools!

New Site and New Feed URL for

Posted on Wed 02 February 2011 in Geek

I migrated the web site to run on Wordpress. In the long run this will be easier to maintain and customize.

Be sure and come by the home page and take a look. You will also want to update your news feed URLs.

Dreaming of far away places getting closer

Posted on Mon 06 December 2010 in Destinations

If you’re dreaming of going to far away places it can be fun to learn about them while you’re still at home.

Radio Australia has an excellent daily show called Pacific Beat which covers the news of the island of the S. Pacific which available online and as a podcast. This is real news (politics, business, etc) like you would expect from NPR not tourism updates on the best beaches or hotels. Good stuff for those who want to understand more about a region than your typical tourist.

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Sailrite LSZ-1 Sewing Machine

Posted on Thu 11 November 2010 in Projects

I’m in the market for an LSZ-1 if you’re selling one! I was looking at an older unit on online and contact Matt at Sailrite who sent me this great video about the difference between the version 1 and 2 of their machines. Also, here’s a playlist covering many of the features of the Sailrite LSZ-1. These are very well respected, can’t find anyone who has a bad thing to say about them.

Those videos are under their old YouTube account, you should also check out their new one SailRite1.