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You either get it or you don't

Posted on Sat 14 September 2013 in articles • Tagged with Uncategorized


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New Videos

Posted on Wed 14 August 2013 in articles • Tagged with Video

I uploaded some new videos from last summer's RV road trip and one of Dawn on her SUP in La Cruz.


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Aloha from Kaka'Ako Honolulu, Hawai'i

Posted on Thu 30 May 2013 in articles • Tagged with Destinations - Hawaii

We've been in Hawai'i for about three weeks now and we're settling in quite nicely. Originally we landed in Waikiki to a place we had setup to be in for a month as a launching pad to check out neighborhoods and find an apartment. After about 10 days though we …

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sv Deep Playa Final Route

Posted on Mon 01 April 2013 in articles • Tagged with Route Summary

This image is from ShipTrak.org. It shows all the times I logged our position via AirMail while we were out cruising.


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Best Systems: Spectra Capehorn Extreme Watermaker

Posted on Fri 29 March 2013 in articles • Tagged with Buying Guide, Systems - Watermaker

I'm going to write a few post about some of the projects and systems we loved the most on the boat and less about things we didn't use as much as we thought or wish we had done differently. To kick this off, let's brag about our watermaker.

Our Spectra …

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Pearson 424 Hull #152's New Owners Natasha and Owen

Posted on Fri 29 March 2013 in articles • Tagged with For Sale, Pearson 424

Natasha and Owen

Natasha and Own are the new owners of Pearson 424 Hull #152, now christened as sv Wine-O Rhino.

Fair winds and Following Seas to both of you and your new boat!

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Punta de Mita is live on NoonSite.com

Posted on Fri 01 February 2013 in articles • Tagged with Destinations - Mexico

As we were coming down the coast, I was pretty appalled at the lack of "free" content about where to go, what to do, etc. There are some  great cruiser guides you can buy, but even the brand new one is out of date because of how quickly things change …

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V-Drives Rattle By Design

Posted on Thu 31 January 2013 in articles • Tagged with Systems - Engine

Just wanted to make sure this got into the world.

Walter Gear V-Drive, they make noise when running at idle. Walter Gear says this is normal right in the manual.

Walter VDrive Manual

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What's Next?

Posted on Sun 18 November 2012 in articles • Tagged with Living Aboard, Oceans, Deep Playa, Shutting Down Land LIfe

After our successful fall navigation of the west coast of the United States, winter and spring cruise of Mexico, and summer Land Yacht tour of the United States we've decided we're ready and excited to re-engage in our careers. We own nothing but Deep Playa, her contents and a couple …

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How was the Land Yacht?

Posted on Sun 18 November 2012 in articles • Tagged with Road Trip

Overall, we really enjoyed the Land Yacht and mostly I think we like the convenience of land. On the boat, when Dawn wants to go for run, she has to row the dinghy in, drag it up the beach, clean off her feet, put on her running shoes. A half-hour …

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