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Posted on Sun 08 May 2022

Last night, I updated the version of Pelican I use to generate the site, and fixed A LOT of layout issues with articles that I never cleaned up when we switched from using Wordpress. Still a lot of bit rot links that are gone forever, links to spreadsheets, etc.. But as I did that it was a lot of fun to take a trip down memory lane and remember all the fun things we have been so priviledged and fortunate to be able to do.

Let's get back into that !

Wow, last update was in January 2020 when we went to Winter Park. Well in February of 2020 we went to Zermatt for our 10th Wedding anniversary with friends. It was an amazing trip. Zermatt is so beautiful.

Aniversary Gang

This was right when COVID was starting to become the big news story. And from Zermatt we skied into Northern Italy which was a COVID hot bed at the time. One our friends thinks she got COVID either on this trip or the wayback, but the rest of us faired well.

When we got back to Seattle, Dawn was first asked to work from home because she had been travelling, but the next week the whole company went to work from home.

We still skied during COVID and that was such a stress reliever. We thought about geting kayaks. Couldn't find any. Also it would have been hard for us to store them.

View of Artie

Still did some camping with friends. Socially distanced at the time because no one was vaccinated. Artie has been such a joy to give us a way to get out when the times were more scary. I will do some posts about Artie soon, as we've made some modifications.

Through these times, we've been careful, but not completely shut-ins (well except in the beginning). I had been going to Kraken Games, until they stopped asking (they never enforced) mask wearing. Kraken hockey games have been so much fun.

Release The Munky

Both Dawn and I are life long Flyers fan it is a little weird to now have two teams, but going to games is a blast and it helps when your seats are amazing.

Kraken Hockey

I'm not going to rehash two plus years of generally miserables times. But even with that, it was not all bad, and it is good we remember to make great things happen even when the days are dark as night.

Adventure is a foot!

Dawn and I have many irons in the fire and planning new and exciting adventures. With that, I plan to get back into the blog as it is a great time capsule and ocassionally its been enjoyable and helpful to others as well.


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