Zip Car coming to Shilshole ?

I don’t know but I’m trying to make it happen!

If you’re not familiar with Zip Car they’re a car rental service focused on people who have fewer or no cars but occasionally need a car. I think the Shilshole Bay Marina is a great candidate for such a service. 99% of the time I ride my scooter and Dawn has the car. But frequently we have to do this logistical dances so I can take the car to run errands for Deep Playa. It would be a lot better if I had easy access to a pickup or small SUV to run errands and carry around large items that won’t fit in my scooter. Zip Car is that solution to me.

Anyway, I’ve got the form from Zip Car and I’m working to get a hold of Sharon in the office to help me fill it out. I’ll let you know how its going.

We’ve lowered the property value on D-Dock

View from the cockpit

We made is safe and sound (no pun intended) from Blaine to Ballard this weekend. The first three or four hours of the trip while we crossed the Alden Banks and until the very northern edge of the San Juan Islands we’re pretty unpleasant. The seas were very disturbed (i.e., going in all directions) because of the 4 foot swell out of the N and the 1-3 foot wind waves out of the South. It us made us buckle down a bit and get serious about the trip which was good. At that point we were preparing ourselves for a repeat or worse as we crossed the Strait of Juan De Fuca. But as we we enjoyed the peaceful coastal waters of the San Juan Islands and entered the strait, we were pleasantly surprised that the water was calms as could be. You seriously could water skied out there. To top it off the sun was out a bit; it was still a little chilly but nice to see the sun just the same. We spent the night in Hudson Point Marina at Port Townsend and had a nice walk around the town, some wine, some food. Port Townsend is a great little town and one I look forward to visiting again.

Sunday we departed for Shilshole and actually sailed for a few hours, but the winds were light and we were on a schedule so we fired up the iron sail and motored into Shilshole Bay Marina. D-Dock is our new home temporarily while we wait for a permanent slip. We may need to sublet again or move around the sound, but for now until the end of August Deep Playa is a scant 15 minutes away as opposed to 2 hours!

Sunday we stayed a The Dinghy (our condo) but Monday night after work we visited Deep Playa to have dinner and we had our first visitor. Our friend Anna stopped by and shared some wine and food. It was great to see her as she will be soon leaving town for a few weeks. So now we have a guest book photo set on Flickr, hopefully you will stop by and join Anna’s photo in the archive.

With the boat closer to home we can focus on the chores to be done, first and foremost ripping out the toilet and holding bag (yes bag) and putting in the composting head, more to come on that for sure!

Moving the boat

image This weekend we will be moving the boat from Blain to Shilshole Bay Marina as you can see on the map to the left we’ll easily sail down I-5… wait no that won’t work at all. We’ll be on the blue part of the map :-)

We’ll be sailing from Blaine to Port Townsend and then to Shilshole (Ballard) in Seattle. Its a big push in 2 days but we can do it or we’ll take Monday off. :-)

It will be so nice to have the boat 15 minutes away as opposed to 2 hours. So many little projects to do that are just impossible with the boat so far away. We will miss the Laura at the Little Red Caboose Cafe though. If you are in Blaine you MUST go there tell her Patrick and Dawn from the sailboat sent you!

I have a bunch of photos of our new Nature’s Head composting toilet I need to put up for you as well. We’ll be using it on this trip if needed, but wont’ really have the full install done. The older head isn’t really working that well and only has a small bag as opposed to a holding tank so we decided to to just move on from that technology and to go with the composting. More on that to come for sure….

Wish us luck and we’ll have lots of pics I’m sure when we’re done!

We’re moving

I just locked up a sublet on D Dock at Shilshole Bay Marina which is right down the street from us as opposed to Blaine Harbor which is 2 hours away. Dawn and I are soo excited about this. It will let us go to the boat after work and on weekends for a few hours in stead of always having to plan a multi-day trips.