We're looking for the trash fence...


Posted on Sun 18 May 2008 in Projects

Ok, just got back and here's what we accomplished

  • Clean the interior
  • Remove anything we don't like (e.g., lanterns in salon)
  • Remove all paperwork with the old name and bring all paperwork home to be dried and scanned (some of its a little musty)
  • Determine how many locks are needed, I think its 6 (2 Companion Ways, Port, Starboard, Stern lazerettes, Dock box) + Spares

A little less than I had on the big ambitious to do list. :-)

To be honest though, it was good just to give the whole interior a good wipe down. Next weekend we plan to remove the liner from along the inside of the hull and under the shelves. Its got a little surface mold, smells musty and isn't well attached anymore. That and we don't like it. ;-)

Had a bit of a hiccup with the Pactor it has no power supply; DOH! So I wasn't able to play with that. I also forgot to bring a power supply for my laptop, which is ALWAYS supposed to be in my bag. That lead to running low on battery power so I didn't do the inventory as I had planned.

We also got rid some old (and some new but old) life vests which were musty. The neighbors on the dock scarfed those up before they could even make it back to the car. We took everything off the boat except cleaning supplies, the salon cushions parts and tools. The boat is clean and empty and ready for us to start to make her our own.