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First weekend of boat work

Posted on Fri 16 May 2008 in Projects

This weekend we're going to Blaine to spend our first weekend aboard and the first weekend doing projects. To be honest I don't even know if we'll get her off the dock. Here's the stuff I want to do this weekend:

Clean the interior

Remove anything we don't like (e.g., lanterns in salon)

Possibly clean the bilge

Clean the top-sides

Do a full inventory of all compartments

Remove the name from the hull

Remove all paperwork with the old name and bring all paperwork home to be dried and scanned (some of its a little musty)

Determine how many locks are needed, I think its 6 (2 Companion Ways, Port, Starboard, Stern lazerettes, Dock box) + Spares

Measure all the lines and running rigging in preparation for replacement

Check the anchor rode (its rusty on deck) and measure it

Go up the masts check the anchor light, check antenna base on mizzen

Get detailed photos of areas for future projects: Head replacement, Install holding tank, porthole replacement, etc.

Try out the SSB, Pactor Modem, send first position report