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Lots of things accomplished

Posted on Sun 02 August 2009 in Projects

We’re planning to head to Poulsbo next week for the Lats N Atts party and then to the San Juans, all in all it will be about 10 days on the water, but before we could do that I wanted to check a bunch of things off the list, here’s a running checklist:

  • New outboard bracket
  • Check-valve in the bilge line\ The bilge worked fine, but an extra 2 or 3 of inches of water would run back out of the hose after the pump quick running. I put a check-valve in the line and now their is minimal water in the bilge.
  • Completed rewiring the anchor washdown pump\ When I pulled the sink from the v-berth, there was also an anchor washdown pump using that through hull. I pulled the wiring back then and had never gotten around to wiring it back up. I finished that this weekend. Because I’m an idiot it required extra assistance from the gang at Cruiser’s Forum, I’ll let you read that story on their site.
  • Cleaned the anchor locker\ Really this is just the storage area for the winch handle for the windlass, rubber “mud” gloves, and the anchor washdown hose.
  • Cut some chain\ I had a 100’ length of 5/16” chain that I cut into two 50’ lengths to use with my two backup fortress anchors or to add to my main rode if needed. For my stern anchor we will use a fortress, 50’ of chain and 400’ of dynemma webbing on a reel from Quickline. Cutting it was pretty easy, I pulled it taunt by cleating it off between two cleats on the dock and cut it with a hack saw.
  • Spice Rack\ DSC_5205Dawn has been wanting a spice rack. She picked out a magnetic system from Storables. The magnets are really strong. I gave it some good shakes and they are not going to fly off. The might slowly work their way down, but we can easily put a stopper board along the bottom if needed.
  • !! Drank Beer !!

Whew… that’s a lot of stuff, better rest up before we head off; can’t wait to leave the dock!!!!