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From The Scout Report: The Mariners' Museum

Posted on Fri 15 October 2010 in Web Stuff

I feel like the Scout Report includes this type of stuff just for me, thanks!

The Mariners' Museum\ http://www.marinersmuseum.org/

Started in 1930 by Archer Milton Huntington, The Mariners' Museum has grown\ over the past eight decades to include a host of exhibits on the seafaring\ life, including the recently added Monitor Center. Visitors who are new to\ the Museum's site may wish to take the virtual tour on the homepage to get a\ sense of their collections. Moving on from that, visitors should also click\ on the "Exhibitions" area. The best part of this section are the "Stationary\ Voyages", which take a look at boats as objects of art, interpreted through\ contemporary photographs. Visitors are also encouraged to add their own\ photographs to this particular collection. Also, the "Collections Online"\ area allows users to search over 30,000 items online. The website also\ includes ample visitor information for those who find themselves in the\ Hampton Roads area, and there's also an email form that allows interested\ parties to ask curators question about the museum

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