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Decommissioning the Boat

Posted on Mon 18 June 2012 in Maintenance

In order to leave the boat for an extended period of time you higher someone to clean bottom and to watch after the boat (check dock lines, batteries, dehumidifier, etc) and you have to do a bunch of prep here’s a list of the things we’re doing to prep our boat:

  • Go through all storage areas and look what can be removed from the boat
  • Empty, Defrost and clean Refrigerator
  • Clean shower sump
  • Wipe down the interior with Vinegar
  • Remove and clean Bimini
  • Remove all perishable food stores
  • Fill the water tanks and add Vinegar
  • Leave zincs and wrench out for bottom cleaner
  • Change engine oil, oil filter, primary fuel filter and Racor fuel filter
  • Equalize batteries and add water
  • Rinse surfboards and bags
  • Giveaway gasoline
  • Remove and clean all halyards and jib sheets
  • Prep Generator for storage by draining fuel and spraying Fogging Oil into Spark plug, pull starter several times
  • Mount and lock outboard on the stern
  • Pickle the watermaker
  • Change outboard Oil, flush engine, fog engine
  • Have diver clean bottom put on new zincs and bag prop
  • Put extra cleats on t-track
  • Fill Diesel Tank and empty Diesel Jerry Cans
  • Remove jib leads form t-track, clean and store
  • Set Xantrex battery charger to HOT setting
  • Repair mast boot tape
  • Docklines and Fenders arranged for both sides
  • Engine Coolant Topped Up
  • Remove and clean sails and sail covers
  • Wash, polish and wax topsides and cockpit
  • Rinse bilge with fresh water
  • Repair, clean and re-install Dodger
  • Close all thru hulls
  • Setup Dehumidifier to drain into the bilge
  • Setup AC powered fan in salon
  • Put AC Fan and Dehumidifer on their own extension cord direct to the dock
  • Setup DC fans throughout boat

Busy busy busy… coming in a week earlier than we originally planned made this bearable because we could take days off when we were too hot and tired. There were other projects we worked on too, but they weren’t necessarily required, I’ll save those for later.