We're looking for the trash fence...


Posted on Sat 05 May 2012 in Geek

Let's see if the facebook thing is working...


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Que es mas macho ?

Posted on Thu 26 January 2012 in Geek

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wordpress ios app test

Posted on Wed 08 June 2011 in Geek

is location working?

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New ways of getting things done

Posted on Sun 09 January 2011 in Geek

Since I've been laid up in bed, I've been trying to figure out how I'm going to be able to do things at work, let alone the boat with only one hand.  Microsoft Windows seven has built in speech recognition software which I'm using to write this blog post.  It …

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Awesome retro “sailor” dress

Posted on Mon 29 November 2010 in Geek

This is an awesome dress… I think Dawn needs one.  ;-)

image\ [aisling grace photographed by doralba picerno]

More pics and other awesomeness at Limb Clothing

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Local Knowledge: Fisheries Supply Inventory

Posted on Tue 19 January 2010 in Geek

Here’s a little tip for you locals here in Seattle. The Fisheries Supply online store which can tell you if things are in stock does not actually reflect what is in stock. I’m not sure how they built their system with out doing that right. But I called …

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Website Upgraded

Posted on Mon 28 December 2009 in Geek

I finally upgraded the site to DotNetBlogEngine 1.5 so I'm guessing all you newsreader users just got all the posts again. Sorry about that. Jason from sv Hello World had said was reposting the entire feed every once in a while. Let me know if it still does that …

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Laptop Search Continues

Posted on Wed 02 December 2009 in Geek

Here’s a great wikipedia entry for screens and laptops which support multitouch


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Test post from Dawn

Posted on Fri 11 September 2009 in Geek

This is Patrick posting from Dawn’s computer. I’m setting up Windows Live Writer on her laptop so she can write posts as well.

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Friends don’t let friends use Sailblogs

Posted on Tue 04 August 2009 in Geek

There are MANY free blogging services out there (Wordpress, Blogger to name two) that actually ARE blogs, in that they publish the feed of what you put in your blog. SailBlogs does NOT do this unless you pay extra. That is pretty week form a feature perspective and somewhat disingenuous …

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