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Land Yacht Tracking Engage

Posted on Sat 11 August 2012 in Amateur Radio, LandYacht


Thanks to the miracle of Ham Radio, we have the Land Yacht Tracker setup finally.  You can go to the APRS.fi page and seach for W7PEA-9 or use the LandYacht Tracker link on the homepage and you will see the last position report sent as well as a trail …

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Wine with Matty

Posted on Sat 11 August 2012 in Destinations

Matty is the CWO, Chief Wine Officer, aboard Deep Playa and planned out an entire day and a half trip in wine country California. He had already planned to be in town on a Wednesday for work so he drove up to Sonoma where we met him and visited our …

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Redwoods and San Francisco

Posted on Sat 11 August 2012 in Destinations

We spent a couple of days enjoying the Redwoods. That allowed Dawn to go on a run through the trees and for us to take what amounted to a 20 mile round trip bike ride on the Avenue of the Giants with three pretty steep climbs on the way back …

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Back in Charleston, Oregon… Again

Posted on Tue 31 July 2012 in Uncategorized

Patrick and I have a running joke about Coos Bay, Oregon…It is an old Native American term meaning “come here and fix shit”.   About this time last year, we sailed into Charleston’s port and across the Coos Bay bar with the intent of getting Deep Playa’s leaky …

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Shower Repair

Posted on Mon 30 July 2012 in LandYacht, Maintenance and Repairs, Winnebago

I mentioned the shower drain was leaking. Turned out the floor in the shower flexed enough to break the p-trap (no, not a pea trap) under the shower. We replaced the p-trap a few days ago and today I cut the 3/4" plywood strips to firm up the floor …

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Bike Rack Modification

Posted on Mon 30 July 2012 in LandYacht, Maintenance and Repairs

Our beach cruiser bikes have multiple curving top bars and didn't fit the bike rack we bought at Harbor Freight. Part of the frame would rub on the metal arms and slowly grind the paint off our sweet rides. \$1 pool noodle from WalMart fixed that right up!

Harbor Frieght Bike Rack

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Window liner

Posted on Mon 30 July 2012 in LandYacht, Maintenance and Repairs, Winnebago

Reflectix is cheap and awesome. We used it on the boat and its works great. Here we've not only made the front windows darker than just the curtain, but also added some heat shielding. Yay for cheap!


Available at Home Depot's in the US, but unfortunately not in Mexico!

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Our first KOA Campground

Posted on Fri 27 July 2012 in Campground, Destinations, LandYacht, Winnebago

[caption id="attachment_1005" align="alignnone" width="300"]LandYacht KOA Kent,
WA LandYacht KOA Kent, WA[/caption]

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First Stop Kent, Washington

Posted on Fri 27 July 2012 in Destinations, Maintenance and Repairs

We finally made it out of Seattle!! We were recovering all morning from last nights bon voyage party and ran more errands this afternoon, including another stop at Matty's house to use the shower and drop off a few things.

Thanks to everyone who cam down to Golden Gardens for …

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Finding a Land Yacht

Posted on Sun 15 July 2012 in LandYacht, Winnebago

The Requirements

When Dawn and I decided we wanted to do the RV thing for 4 to 5 months, we started thinking about the amenities. We love our boat; it’s very functional with our lifestyle. Dawn goes to bed early and I usually stay up pretty late. In order …

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