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Laptop Search Continues

Posted on Wed 02 December 2009 in Geek

Here’s a great wikipedia entry for screens and laptops which support multitouch


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Weekend Update

Posted on Mon 23 November 2009 in Uncategorized

We got a lot done but not as much as we wanted.


Dawn pulled out the two starboard side 5x12 plastic (cringe) Beckson portholes and cut out a big section of completely dry rotted teak around each porthole. I then resized the openings to fit the new portholes. It …

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Next set of things in the refit

Posted on Thu 19 November 2009 in Projects, Systems - Engine, Systems - Hull, Systems - Plumbing

The boat has been moved form sitting in the yard where the bottom was prepped and painted, some keel damaged was repaired (oopsy), the v-berth was prepped by me, and the windlass was removed. The boat is now sitting inside the prep tent. I’ve not been to it yet …

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New Laptop Search

Posted on Thu 19 November 2009 in Geek, Systems - Electronics, Systems - Entertainment

Since my laptop screen cracked months ago I’ve been waiting for Windows 7 to come out so I could get a new laptop, this will very likely be the laptop I take cruising as my personal machine. I’ll probably have a dedicated machine at the nav station. Here …

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The Refit begins !

Posted on Fri 13 November 2009 in Projects, Systems - Rigging

If you follow @DeepPlaya on twitter you know a lot of this stuff, but for those of you who only read the blog here’s the full scoop.

Wednesday afternoon we moved Deep Playa over to A dock where <The Yard> uses the fixed mount haul out cranes (you could …

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Articles around the sound

Posted on Fri 30 October 2009 in Destinations - Puget Sound

These are  set of links I had squirreled away with the weather turning ugly, it's time to start looking at where you want to go when the weather is better

Seattle area hot spots by SeaMagazine

Edmonds and Kingston article by SeaMagazine

Port of Everett by SeaMagazine

Port Ludlow and …

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Finally posted a pic

Posted on Thu 29 October 2009 in Site Changes

It's not a shot of me on the boat, but I finally uploaded a picture taken by my friend Ramez to the About Us page to go along with the cute "wench" shot of Dawn. You can't tell but I'm am wearing my kilt in the picture so I'm also …

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Cleaning the Boom for Refinishing

Posted on Mon 12 October 2009 in Systems - Rigging

It has

As part of “The Refit” we’re going to have the spars refinished. In order to Main & mizzen
boomsdo that you have to remove all of the hardware from the spars (masts, booms, spreaders). You can pay \$80 an hour to have to the yard do it, or you can buy a …

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Refit Planning and Initial Work Underway

Posted on Mon 12 October 2009 in Uncategorized

<I wrote this last week>

I met with two yards and a third failed to get back to me at all after I sent them my then 4 page (now 7) word doc about my plans. Both yards had essentially the same bill rates and yard rules, I chose to …

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ScanMyPhotos.com Price Increase

Posted on Thu 01 October 2009 in Landlubber life, Living Aboard, Shutting Down Land LIfe

I just got an email announcing new pricing:

While our last rate change was in 2007, in order to maintain our high level of customer service and upgraded technology infrastructure, certain adjustments will occur on October 10th.  The new rate schedule applies to prepaid fill-the-box photo scanning (\$149.95) and …

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