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Making progress a little bit each day

Posted on Sun 20 December 2009 in Uncategorized

Every project has those days that seem to go on forever where you make baby step type progress but nothing gets to 100% complete. Here’s a bunch of things Dawn and I ticked off the list this weekend:

  1. Removed mizzen chain plates for cleaning and inspection. We now have all of the chain plates pulled
  2. Pulled new bilge hoses but not hooked up yet. I need a few more hose clamps and need to clean the base standsscreens then I can hook it all back up.
  3. Removed the prop shaft coupling from the v-drive so we can send the shaft, coupler, prop out for inspection.
  4. Removed the mizzen mast step for cleaning, inspection and refinishing. The lag bolts that hold the step in place were completely corroded such that there was no useful head to apply a socket. I had to grind the head of the bolt off with the Dremel tool and then pry the step off of the posts which remained.
  5. re-installed the hose for the heater. There was a 4” paper tube that ran from the aft berth to roughly under the starboard companionway where it connected to a T. This tub had become cut and did not seal well so I replaced it with a plastic HVAC tube from Trident that appears much better suited to being on a boat than corrugated paper. When I initially ran it through the bile I didn’t notice that it was probably going to rub on the drive shaft, which would have not been good. It’s now re-routed clear of the shaft.
  6. Cut the fiberglass and have everything laid out to repair the shelf tabbing in the v-berth. When they reinforced the v-berth they had to grind out the epoxy I had used to repair the tabbing so they could get a good clean non-epoxy contact area. I have to go back and put the tabbing again, that should be pretty fast when I decide to do it since I have everything cut and just need to mix up the epoxy and lay it up.
  7. Worked on the cutlass bearing. It was recommended that I cut a notch out of the cutlass bearing which would allow it to be removed without using a press. I’m having some problems getting a clean cut without impacting the strut so I’m  on hold with that right now. I’ll get back to it this week.

Nothing finished, but still that’s a pretty good weekend!