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Dr. LED Under-Cabinet LED Light

Posted on Sun 30 January 2011 in Boat Shows, Systems - Electrical

While at the Seattle Boat Show Dr. LED was showing some new under-cabinet LED lights. They have two models, one with white high & low and one with white & red LEDs. I bought one of the later and with the help of Dawn (since I only have one usable arm) we …

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New ways of getting things done

Posted on Sun 09 January 2011 in Geek

Since I've been laid up in bed, I've been trying to figure out how I'm going to be able to do things at work, let alone the boat with only one hand.  Microsoft Windows seven has built in speech recognition software which I'm using to write this blog post.  It …

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New Chain Locker and Windlass Relocation Complete

Posted on Thu 30 December 2010 in Projects, Systems - Ground Tackle


Foredeck Before Main Berth Before



Tonight we marked the chain and loaded it into our new chain locker with the windlass. This project has been over a year in the making since it was November 2009 when we removed the windlass from it’s original location and closed up the holes in the …

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Installing Ash Battens

Posted on Wed 29 December 2010 in Interior, Pearson 424

After purchasing Deep Playa, the first project Patrick and I completed was to tear out all the old vinyl foam that lined the entire hull of the boat. After this was complete we prepped the hull and, in some areas, we painted and installed insulation to cover interior spaces and …

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DIY Seacock Installation

Posted on Fri 19 November 2010 in Classes and Workshops, Projects, Systems - Hull, Systems - Plumbing

I’m in the middle of replacing a gate valve on my boat with a proper seacock and thought I’d share this video from Forespar. It does an excellent job of showing step by step what you need to do.

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Maretron DSM250 Display Standby Mode Workaround

Posted on Tue 12 October 2010 in Systems - Electronics

After the first night of trying to sleep in the same cabin with the DSM 250 on “low” backlight lead to me turn it off at nights. But this isn’t so good because then the buffer of data is uses to charts graphs is lost.

Turns out you can …

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Evaluating PC Navigational Software

Posted on Thu 07 October 2010 in Buying Guide, Gear, Geek

I’m going to start working on a feature comparison of PC based navigation software packages and could use some input from you on what you want to know. Do you have a favorite feature you think should be in all nav programs? Let me know and I’ll try …

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NMEA 2000 & 0183 Interop Testing

Posted on Fri 01 October 2010 in Maretron, NMEA 2000, Systems - Electronics

The timing of this post is triggered by the fact that all the NMEA big wigs are here in Seattle so I thought I’d take a second and tell you my experience thus far.

Ben over at Panbo has been plugging together a stack of NMEA 2000 gear. I …

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Liferaft Acquired: Revere Offshore Elite

Posted on Fri 01 October 2010 in Systems - Safety



You may recall my liferaft feature comparison spreadsheet I posted a few days ago. That little research project helped narrow my focus on a really open ended problem which makes it much more manageable for me to deal with.

After that I setup an EBay search and an RSS subscription …

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BoatTech Articles on BoatUS

Posted on Thu 16 September 2010 in Review

Just wanted to take a second and share this link to the BoatTech articles on BoatUS. There are a lot of handy articles on topics like picking docklines, proper bilge pump installation and VHF basics to point out a few. Many but not all of the articles are written by …

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