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Santa Catalina island

Posted on Sun 16 October 2011 in Uncategorized


We are about half way round the island and on our way to Avalon. Just a couple more hours then some rest and then on to San Diego, which is German for....

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Santa Cruz Island

Posted on Sat 15 October 2011 in Uncategorized

We are safely around pt concepcion, passing Santa Cruz Island and headed for Avalon! It's 64 and sunny... Yay!

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Noyo River–Fort Brag, CA

Posted on Mon 10 October 2011 in Destinations

Noyo river bar looking

This shot of the Noyo River Bar looking West shows the narrow 90 foot wide entrance to the river. We had read that this was a difficult and possibly dangerous crossing that should only be undertaken in calm seas. After we had motored around Cape Mendecino in NOT calm seas …

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MPPT Solar Charge Controller Comparisons

Posted on Tue 27 September 2011 in Pearson 424, Suggestions & Ideas, Systems - Solar

I made another of my feature comparison spreadsheets this time comparing the features and prices of MPPT Controllers. You can see the MPPT Solar Charge Controller Comparisons on SKyDrive. I always use SkyDrive with IE.

Here’s a little sample of the data



[ ]Model

[ ]Price Google Shopping[ ]

Max PV …

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And here is the timing issue…

Posted on Mon 26 September 2011 in Systems - Electrical, Systems - Engine

I figured out why the ACR didn’t flip to combined in time… right out of the documentation:

Blue Sea Systems CL-Series BatteryLink ACR PN7600 Owner’s Manuual

Internal time delay prevents relay action for transient conditions, voltage must\ be within range for approximately one minute to cause closure …

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Overcharging Problems

Posted on Mon 26 September 2011 in Systems - Electrical, Systems - Engine



Not sure most of you will want to read this, but to my fellow boaters here goes…

When we had the engine out of the boat to replace the fuel tank we also decided to upgrade our alternator from a 65Amp model to a 100Amp model …

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Weather 4D HD Now Has WAVES !!!

Posted on Sat 24 September 2011 in Weather

As promised V1.2 is available in the App Store and it supports WAVES allowing you see the height, direction and period of forecasted waves… It’s just plane awesome and its now my favorite weather app on the iPAD !!

You can see screen shots of the new version on …

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iPAD Weather Apps Review

Posted on Fri 23 September 2011 in Geek, Nav Station, Weather

We’re back in planning mode and waiting for a weather window in Charleston to jump down to San Francisco which made for a perfect opportunity to play around with weather Apps for the iPad.

A first rate weather application should allow you to see both wind and sea state …

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NMEA Data Sharing Across Applications and Platforms

Posted on Fri 23 September 2011 in Coastal Explorer, Geek, Maretron, Navigation, NMEA 2000, Systems - Electronics

With a Maretron USB100 NMEA-0183 Gateway and an Actisense NGT-1 NMEA 2000 gateway I was struggling to get the NMEA data to all the applications on my PC, iPAD and iPhone. Many applications can not only connect to the an NMEA data source but also share the data on another …

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Battery and Alternator Upgrade

Posted on Tue 20 September 2011 in Systems - Electrical, Systems - Engine

We’ve hinted at bits and pieces of this along the way, but I wanted to write up a more formal review of the changes we made this week while we had the engine out to replace the fuel tank.

Our original battery system was 2 banks of 4 and …

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