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Hydronic System Planning

Posted on Fri 29 July 2022

First system design discusion !

I've looked at several paths to achieve a comfy camper with warm showers and hand washing. This can be done many ways and you can find them all online, so I won't get too far into the other options. But this approach with a single Eberspächer Gasoline furnace which heats coolant that is then used to heat water or the camper was my preferred approach. The main advantage to me was the single furnace system and not using AC (see the common Bosche heaters) except when on shore powr.

The main goals and requirements of the system are as follows:

  • Runs off the gasoline fuel tank
  • Camper heating while driving and camping
  • Water heating while driving and camping
  • Shore power water heating
  • Engine system isolated from camper and water heating
  • Engine coolant heat can be used to heat water without extra furnance
  • Remote (over the internet) Control

System Diagram

Hydronic System Diagram

Major Components

  • Eberspächer S3 Economy B5E Kit Part Number: 29.2135.30.0021
  • S3 B5E gasoline (petrol) furnace w\ High Altitude
  • Water (coolant) Pump (12v)
  • Fuel pump (12v)
  • EasyStart Pro Controller
  • 300mm Fuel Pickup
  • Muffler
  • Wiring harness
  • and more …
  • Silencio 2 Air Matrice (12v) Part Number: 41T0034
  • Eberspächer 3-Way Valve (12V) Part Number: 29.2180.01.0030
  • Kuuma 6gallon Hydronic Water Heater (w\AC heater)
  • Single-wall plate heat exchanger
  • T Check Valve
  • Coolant reservoir

Remaining Open Items

  1. Did I miss anything? :-)
  2. Can the the EastStart Pro control the Eberspächer 3-way valve so I can run the coolant pump and circulant coolant through the plate heat exchanger? I believe residual heat mode will run the pump, but I’m not sure about the valve.
  3. Can also add the EasyStart Web to the system?
  4. I’ve looked through the EasyStart Pro Installation, Instruction and Wiring diagrams. I don’t see how the EasyStart Pro wires up and how it controls the Silencio 2.


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