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Woo Hoo We're Sailing And We're in Mexico !!

Posted on Tue 25 October 2011 in Uncategorized

After many months of motoring into the wind and being cold, we're officially sailing wing on wing and to top it off we're in Mexican waters ! Woo Hoo!!!

We started the Baja Ha-Ha yesterday about 11am and the entire fleet was instructed to motor due to light winds. This morning after the 0730 position reports on SSB everyone was told to start sailing and tracking any time spent motoring. The Ha-Ha isn't really a race so motoring is something they just ask that you track and report with your self tracked times. We don't really care about "our time". Nor do we even know what they will do with them, but we're using the fleet directions as an opportunity to compare what we're doing with others. We actually started behind most of the fleet and passed by some of the smaller (slower) boats during the motoring. At this mornings position reports we seem to be within 5-10 miles of most of the boats in our division (boats of similiar size) so that was reassuring.

Sojourn, a sister Pearson 424, is also in the Ha-Ha!! We had no idea, Scott the owner isn't very active on the list. I got some pictures of him as he was motor sailing yesterday. I'll upload them next time we have WiFi.

If anyone has information on taking Spanish lessons in Cabo San Lucas, La Paz or anywhere else, drop me a note. I'm thinking about doing that, but the one place I saw was over a thousand dollars... or was it Pesos.. it wasn't clear. ;-)

Anyway, things are good. Things are Sunny. Viva Mexico!