We're looking for the trash fence...

We are Liveaboards

Posted on Tue 10 May 2011

Dawn and I have been selling off, donating, gifting and throwing out everything at the condo which won’t go with us to the boat. For the past week we’ve had no place to sit Dawn's new Office but the floor and after tonight we will no longer have a bed. So that pretty much makes it official, as of tonight we’re officially moving aboard Deep Playa!

Part of moving aboard means making sure Deep Playa isn’t just a boat, but a seaworthy cozy home. Dawn has been doing the lion share of these projects; converting the shelves in the v-berth to cabinets, adding a cabinet at the head of the v-berth, lining the hanging locker with cedar, and testing out her new office (see pic at left).

Over the past few years, a non-trivial amount of blood has been lost, a LOT of sweat has been wiped from our brows and even a few tears from our cheeks and it feels damn good to say this so I’ll say it again (in caps even)…