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The Grand Canyon

Posted on Sat 01 September 2012 in Destinations, LandYacht

Pea and I were looking forward to going to the Grand Canyon, it wasn’t originally on our planned route but since it is only an hour’s drive outside of Flagstaff it was the perfect opportunity to visit it.  Pea was very much looking forward to seeing one of the biggest holes in the ground in the world. As he so eloquently put it, “You know how I love me some huge hole!”

[![Man-that-is-a-big-hole]({static}/images/2013/08/Man-that-is-a-big-hole-225x300.jpg)]({static}/images/2013/08/Man-that-is-a-big-hole.jpg) You know he is wondering how long it is going to take him to fill it.
[![Grand-Canyon-South-Rim-Panaramic]({static}/images/2013/08/Grand-Canyon-South-Rim-Panaramic-1024x225.jpg)]({static}/images/2013/08/Grand-Canyon-South-Rim-Panaramic.jpg) : There is nothing like the awesome size of the Grand Canyon.