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Rough night around Cape Mendecino

Posted on Mon 03 October 2011 in Uncategorized

We thought we were going to be stuck in Eureka till Thursday because the Englunds Marine that runs the fuel dock was closed for inventory. They were kind enough to sell us diesel so we could get out of town and try to make another jump down the coast before a real storm comes through. We got off the fuel dock around 2pm and motored into the wind and seas all night.

From about 5:30pm Saturday to 3am Sunday we had winds on the nose of 20-30kts and swell on the nose of 4-6 feet and occasional 8 feet as we rounded Cape Mendecino. All of that conspired to hour upon hour of being lucky to do 3 knots! It was never dangerous or particularly scary, just tedious and uncomfortable.

Originally planned to push for Bodega Bay which we hoped to reach on Monday morning before a storm comes through the area, but decided to go to Fort Brag Noyo River due to our poor progress. This is where we are now, at the Noyo Basin Marina. This was our first bar crossing in the daytime in good visibility!! Bar entrance is about 60 feet wide but its well protected and it was flat as we came in. Narrow windy river and awesome little fishing town to explorer... more on that later!

We will probably be here till maybe Thursday when the winds are forecast to return from the North after a storm front moves through.