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Preparing to Move Aboard–Getting Rid of the Stuff

Posted on Mon 02 May 2011 in Landlubber life, Living Aboard, Shutting Down Land LIfe

Dawn and I held a Yard Sale this weekend to get rid of the stuff we’ve accumulated since we sold the house and moved into the condo bout 7 years (?? – Dawn knows) ago as well as stuff we’ve had forever but just doesn’t make sense to take on the boat. Prior to the big garage sale we also let our friends come over and get first dibs on things and immediately we were left with pretty much nothing to sit on! I had initially thought this was going to take a little longer, but all of a sudden I realized, we’re probably going to be liveaboards in a week or so!!

After the yard sale we took a very full car load of stuff to Goodwill and a stack of computer stuff to InterConnection being mindful to get receipt slips so we can itemize our deductions in our 2011 taxes.

107-s1We still have a pile of “valuable” designer or “cool” clothes stack of sporting good stuff, a desk and a bedroom set, that we’re taking to Buffalo Exchange, 2nd Base and listing on Craig’s List respectively.

It’s nice to get rid of this stuff, but man will I miss those boots!