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Plumbing - Check it Off

Posted on Sat 06 December 2008 in Projects, Systems - Plumbing

imageAs I told my neighbor at the Marina, “We can check something off the list… and add 12 more things to it!” The plumbing project is now complete!!

We started this project because were unhappy with the quality of the water which had a but of a smell to it, the look of the faucets and the LOUDNESS of the water pressure pump. We resolved all those issues, especially the pump. The old pump was so loud I was embarrassed to even used the water, the new pump is so quiet I wasn’t even sure it was working at first. I also did away with the splices connecting both the water pressure pump seen in the picture and the wash down pump in the v-berth and put in a power bar instead which will let me add things in the future.

There are some random pics on TwitPic too.

Here’s all the new pieces that went into the project:

  • All plumbing hose replaced with Trident 1/2” white hose. The old hose was clear which had allowed growth within
  • Jabsco Sensor Max VSD 31750 Variable speed water pump
  • Added American Plumber water filter to the to the pressurized side of the system. Foot pump had filter previously.
  • Galley faucet with sprayer
  • Head faucet
  • Blue Sea Systems 30 Amp Power Bar
  • Removed faucet from v-berth
  • Removed sink drain to thru hull connection in v-berth. This thru hull is still used for the anchor wash down pump. I need to add a strainer here as there is not one today.

Tomorrow we should finish up with the tile in the head and bolt down the Nature’s Head composting toilet. I’m also going to determine where the Nicro vent will be installed as well. More posts and pics on that later.