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Posted on Wed 30 September 2009 in Landlubber life, Living Aboard, Shutting Down Land LIfe

When we bought Deep Playa there was a file box of manuals and receipts which were almost fused together into a single paper brick. Paper and moist environments don’t mix so well. Since then I’ve been making progress on scanning all of those documents and where it makes sense I put them up on the web for all to have (http://drop.io/deepplaya). [NOTE: Drop.io is no more.]

Well one of the things we wanted to keep at hand but not take with us were all of the pre-digital photos that I have from my childhood that my mom sent me when I turned 30 as well as a bunch of things from college, about 1800 photos! I seriously though this would cost about \$1000 or at least \$500. Nope… only \$124.95 !!

www.ScanMyPhotos.com will scan all the photos you can fit in their box (roughly a shoebox) for \$124.95! You have to sort them all by size band them together and they just scan them all in size order. The send you a folded box and a shipping label in a US Postal Service envelope you unfold the box, tape it up fill it full and slap on the US Postal shipping label. They were not the highest quality scans of photos I’ve ever seen, but these were cheesy vacation photos from 1971-1981 on pretty crappy print paper anyway so it’s not like we were archiving artwork. The scans all look respectable and I’m happy that now I can take all my pics with me on the boat in digital format and send the originals back to mom for safe keeping. I highly recommend www.ScanMyPhotos.com !